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Welcome to the BWF Stair Scheme

The BWF Stair Scheme exists to promote the principle that stair safety depends on the quality of design, specification and installation. As the only accreditation scheme of its kind in the UK, the Scheme’s vision is a safe, compliant stairs market. All members demonstrate accreditation through use of the BWF Stair Scheme badge.

The importance of accreditation

Accreditation means that every member’s design process (based on prescriptive standards, calculation and established test methodology) and manufacturing operation has been independently verified. All BWF Stair Scheme members are audited and must pass our strict code of conduct to use our badge.

Safety in stair design

With stairs being the most common accident zone in the home other than the kitchen, quality and safety are the Scheme’s guiding principles. We have guidance to ensure beauty and safety are carefully balanced in timber stair design and installation. Stair safety does not need to be a restricting factor on design creativity, in fact it can enhance it!

Best practice in stair installation

Poorly fitted stairs present safety risks. To bridge the gap between manufacturers and installers to ensure that industry standards are met, we have published the BWF Stair Scheme Installation Guide. All of our members provide clear, easy-to-follow guidance on installation when you buy stairs from them, whether it’s a one-off centrepiece staircase, or mass volume for a new housing development.